Recognition of Bangladesh as an emerging Silicon Delta is the vision of all of us. We believe we can all bring our aspirations to fruition by pulling together, as one. With that vision held aloft, our primary objective for Bangladesh Information Technology (IT) group mail list would be to exchange ideas, share articles, present the current trends, and introduce futuristic vision directly related to the real development of the IT sector in Bangladesh. The idea is to create awareness among budding Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and IT architects. This IT forum, dedicated to the Non Resident Bangladeshi(NRB) and RB IT professionals and students, will make a difference in the years to come. IT professionals and students from all over the world are cordially invited to join this group to get an overview of the cutting edge, state-of-the–art technology and future job trends.

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" The need for ICT in Bangladesh "

ICT plays an indispensable role in promoting openness, accessibility, accountability, connectivity, democracy and decentralization- all the “soft” qualities so essential for effective social, economic, and political development.

Bangladesh needs the capacity to network with people, ideas and initiatives. This is as critical and fundamental to nation building as water, agriculture, health and housing, and without it, Bangladesh’s democracy could founder.

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